We meet Liza and Logan and a stranger joins us
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We meet Liza and Logan and a stranger joins us

Dee looked flushed as she rushed through the front door.
„Ben, quick, do you fancy a bit of fun this afternoon?”
„What sort of fun ?” I re[plied curious but interested.
„Well,” replied Dee. „I’ve just been messaged by a woman called Liza.” And she wants us to meet her and her husband Logan for a bit of a get back on her husband.”
„Hang on.” I answered, „Who are these people, explain.”
„OK,” replied Dee sitting down on the kitchen stall. „It’s a bit of a story, but I met her on Hamster. She and Logan often go out like we do for a bit of fun. But he always encourages her to be flirty with the people they come across while dogging. She said he was more than happy to film and photograph her while she sucks off strangers and get them to fuck her. But he never joins in. She wants him to partake. She wants to see what would happen if he was asked to suck one of the guys off. She doesn’t think he’ll dare.”
„And she wants us to be the guinea pigs, I guess?”
„Yes. I said we’d, well you’d meet them this afternoon. I said that you wouldn’t mind if Logan sucked you off.”
„You wouldn’t, would you?” Dee asked demurely, lifting up her skirt to show me that she was knickerless.
„When did you take them off?” I asked.
„When I was chatting with Liza on hamster. We started talking about the scenario, that she could start to suck you off while I watched and Logan photographed. I sent her a piccie of you with your cock in your hand. She said she would like to suck both of you off at the same time. Then mentioned that your cock was a nice size to fit in her bum and for that matter a good starting point for Logan to suck his first cock.”
„I’m sorry Ben but I couldn’t help it. I ended up fucking the gear stick again and had a huge orgasm. The dirty old man at the window got a treat too. His cum splattered the window. I couldn’t help it but jump out of the car and lick the window clean.”
„Did he watch you do that?” I exclaimed.
„Yes, whilst he thrust his fingers up my very wet pussy.”
„Did he fuck you?”
„I think he wanted too. I tried to revive him, but he was too old to get it up a second time.” Dee put on one of her sad faces.
„Anyway, Liza messaged me back and asked if you would be on for something this afternoon.”
„Where.” I asked, kneading my cock in my jeans.
„They live in town and suggested near the bandstand, she said there is a little thicket there that they often go to and where they get to do some of their dogging. She said it can get really naughty as there are often dog walkers in the area and some of them stop to watch.”
„I’d better get changed then.”
„No.” Replied Dee, „You don’t have time. I said we’d meet them in half an hour. Come on lets go.”
We left the house and quickly walked to the bandstand. For us it was just a short walk and we soon arrived. Dee looked around for the small thicket.
„I think it must be over there.” And Dee pointed to the other side of the bandstand. I squeezed Dee’s bum as she walked ahead of me.
„You’ve still got no knickers on.” I exclaimed and with that Dee lifted the back of her dress, exposing her bare bum.
„Bend over, there’s no one around.” Dee stopped and bent over, revealing her very bare arse and quickly pulled her cheeks apart. Her pussy came into view and I could clearly see her cute puckering arse hole.
I looked up and saw a figure just inside the bushes his camera in hand. „Turn round Dee, you have an audience.”
Dee looked up and spied the guy in the bushes, I guess she recognised that it was Logan and pulled her dress over her head. Pulling it completely free she stood naked in front of him, her hands waving in the air, her tits jiggled and her legs were slightly apart, her hand came down to her crotch and she was clearly showing Logan her open pussy. She then turned towards me, bent over and again pulled her ass cheeks apart. I watch as Logan’s hand went down to his crotch and rubbed freely.
„Dee, over here.” I heard a woman cry. Dee lifted herself as a woman, it was obviously Liza skipped from the bushes, she too was naked and her arms open in greeting. Dee ran towards her and they embraced, hugging their naked bodies together. They looked into each other’s eyes, before their heads came together and they kissed deeply.
I looked over to Logan, who now had both girls in his viewfinder, he was filming their embrace. They kissed passionately, their tongues swirling together as their hands roamed their naked bodies. Dee then went down on Liza, her head nuzzled into her pussy and she lapped eagerly at the juices flowing from it. They were still out in the open, brazenly ignoring the fact that someone might just walk past.
Logan came out from the bushes and came closer to the girls. He stood filming them and I guess getting a close up of Dee’s tongue fervently probing Liza’s pussy. Liza looked around at him.
„Logan, let’s go into the bushes and we can suck you off. But first take your cock out and show it to Dee.”
Logan quickly obliged and unzipped his fly with his free hand and pulled out his cock. It was hard and he struggled to get it out, but eventually it’s firm length stuck proudly out of his jeans. He stepped closer to the girls and Liza reached out to stroke it.
„Mmm, I don’t want you to stop Dee, but let’s take this cock into the bushes.”
Dee stopped her administrations. I looked at her face and it was smeared with Liza’s juices. She too reached out her hand and folded it around Logan’s cock. She leant forward and sucked it into her mouth. „Mmm, tastes good.” Was all Dee said before standing and holding Liza’s hand.
Logan and I followed them into the thicket and once in both girls got on their knees in front of Logan. They both grabbed his cock in their hands and slowly wanked at it before Liza took it into her mouth, sucking the tip. Meanwhile Dee lowered her head, folding slightly underneath his cock and lapped at one of his balls, before sucking it into her mouth.
„Oh fuck , that’s good.” murmured Logan.
Liza broke away.
„Get on your knees Logan, I want you to service us now.” Logan knelt down and Dee stood in front of him, her hands pulling her pussy lips apart as Logan stared intently. She shuffled forward and buried her pussy onto his waiting mouth. At the same time Liza crept over to me. She leant into me and we kissed, before she broke away and whispered in my ear.
„Let me get your cock out and come and join Dee. I want to see Logan suck his first cock.”
Liza grabbed at my crotch and fumbled for the zip. She was extremely excited and struggled to find the zipper, but eventually her hand slipped inside my jeans and into my pants. My cock twitched in anticipation to her touch. Her hand wrapped around me and she pulled my cock out of its confined space. I felt the summer breeze blow across my cock as she deftly slipped down and engulfed it in her mouth. She was a great cock sucker and could have made me cum very quickly, but she stopped and teased the head of it with her tongue. She then stood again and holding me by my cock showed me the way to Dee and Logan. She positioned me next to Dee and she reached out to hold me. Her hand slipped around my back and traced its way down my bum crack. Her fingers delving between them, searching for my bum and on finding it she gently tickled my bum hole with her finger before gently pushing it inside. The feeling was amazing. Meanwhile Liza knelt down next to Logan and turning to him spoke.
„Do you like that Logan?” she asked looking as his head was still buried in Dee’s pussy. He broke away, „Mmm Dee’s pussy is lovely.” Before he returned back to it.
„Why don’t you suck on Ben’s cock?” Logan froze for a minute. He looked surprised at Liza’s request.
„Suck Ben’s cock. I want to watch you sucking another man’s cock.” She was still holding my cock, but now pointing it at Logan’s face. She pulled me forward and my cock nudged against his cheek. The pre cum collected on my head smeared its way down his face. Liza pulled my cock away and swiped her tongue over his cheek and with a slightly commanding voice said.
„Go on Logan, suck Ben’s cock.” With her hand around the base of my cock she fed it into his mouth. The warmth hit me, his lips folded around my cock, holding it firmly and I could feel him suck me in. His tongue rubbed the underside of my cock and the feeling thrilled.
„Oh yes Logan. I’ve always fantasised about watching you sucking another man. This is so horny.”
Dee came round and knelt the other side of Logan and Liza knelt the other side. All three of them lent in and I felt both Dee’s and Liza’s tongues tickle the sides of my cock. My head fell back at the sensation and the coming to my senses I looked down at the three of them. This was the most erotic sensation I had ever felt.
„Ease off people, you’re going to make me cum.” I stammered.
„That’s the plan Ben, I want you to cum in and over Logan.” And with that Liza pushed the back of Logan’s head onto my cock. My cock was now deep in his mouth and he choked slightly and withdrew. Dee’s finger was buried in my ass and Liza’s hand was kneading my balls. They were both stimulating me with their tongues and Logan’s was thrilling the underside.
„Come on Ben, I want to see you cum, I want you to spurt into Logan’s mouth and then finish off on his face so that Dee and I can lick him clean.”
That was all I needed as my legs almost buckled under me. „I’m cumming.” I cried. Logan tried to pull free but Liza’s hand was still firmly behind his head. His action was only half hearted and my cum spewed from my cock. As promised the first spurt went straight into his mouth, but so did most of the second as Liza grabbed him by his shoulder and pulled him back. The rest hit the end of his nose and his cheek. I watched as a large drop appeared on the end of his nose, but Liza was quick to take advantage and her tongue swiped it away. Dee’s tongue followed and wiped the rest off his cheek, before she swung him around and I watched as her tongue dipped inside his mouth searching for any more cum. As their tongues duelled, Liza turned her attention to my wilting cock and the remaining cum dribbling from the end. She engulfed it into her waiting mouth and gently suckled on my shrivelling cock. Breaking away she simply said.
„Ben, I want some of that too, so you’d better be ready. I want you to fuck me in a bit. I want to feel this cock in my ass! And I want Logan to watch and help you slip into me. I so need a good fucking.”
I looked over at Dee and Logan. He had regained control of his camera and Dee was looking down as she wanked on his cock, dipping her head occasionally to tenderly suck on his cock head. She again looked up to him. „I want you to fuck me now Logan.” Dee flipped herself over and offered her ass to him, pulling her cheeks apart. „Make me wet with your tongue first.”
Logan lent towards her ass and his tongue buried into her pussy. Then slipped its way up over her ass and drilled it into her tiny hole. She squealed and pushed her ass into his face. Liza was now crawling over to Logan and soon she was suckling on his cock. His glistening length sliding in and out of her mouth.
As I watched I picked up his discarded camera and focused on the action in front of me as I gently wanked on my cock which was slowly hardening.
Logan lifted his head and advanced towards Dee. Liza broke free and crawled behind Logan and as his cock slipped into Dee’s pussy, her head dipped between his cheeks, spreading them with her hands and dipping her tongue over his ass hole.
I zoomed the camera first onto Logan’s cock sliding into Dee’s pussy and then back to Liza’s tongue swirling around his puckering hole. But then Logan started to thrust hard into Dee and Liza couldn’t continue her tonguing, so she replaced her tongue with her middle finger and pushed it in deep.
Dee was soon reaching round to search for Logan’s cock and when she grasped it she pulled him out of her pussy and slid it up to her ass. „In there, please fuck me there.” She begged. He obliged and I then filmed as I watched his cock sliding into my wife’s ass. Slowly at first his cock head disappeared and very slowly he inched all the way in. „Now fuck me hard, I’m so close to cumming.” Purred Dee. Logan didn’t hesitate and he pulled his cock out, before slamming it back in, repeating over and over again. I looked back at Liza as she similarly thrust her finger into his ass.
„Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!” shrieked Logan and with one last thrust he slammed his cock deep into Dee’s ass and came. With a few short sharp thrust his cum spewed into her ass. He collapsed onto Dee’s back, trying desperately to catch his breath.
I had caught all the action and my cock was once again straining, I watched as Logan peeled himself off Dee’s back and he rolled onto the grass as Liza finger slipped from his ass hole. His cock lying limply across his crotch, dribbling and oozing cum. I then looked over to Dee and I watched her ass hole pulse at the emptiness and then slowly Logan’s cum started to dribble free. Liza also noticed and quickly scampered forward, she pulled Dee’s ass cheeks apart and looked down at the mess, before dipping her head and swiped her tongue up along Dee’s crack.
Dee shivered as Liza’s tongue touched her sensitive flesh, but instead of flinching away she lunged backwards and buried Liza’s face between her bum cheeks and in the process suffocating her face erotically.
With the two girls on all fours I took my opportunity and knelt down behind Liza, there was only one hole I was considering as I aligned my cock with her puckering hole. And she didn’t resist as my hand spread her cheeks open, nor did she try and stop my cock as it nudged her pucker and the head slipped inside the burning hot channel. She was wonderfully tight and her muscles clamped around my cock as I slid into her. I had not thought of lubricating myself so as I looked down I spat some saliva down onto my shaft, then as my cock slid out I massaged it along my length, them spat again before I once again piled her ass, but this time with much more force, my cock thrusting all the way in, my hips banged into her cheeks as I drove her face into Dee and as I watched I could see her tongue snaking around Dee’s sex.
Logan had recovered and had now crawled beyond Dee and slid himself between her supporting arms to align his cock with her mouth. It was now semi flaccid but re-awakening to the spectacle before him. His cock smeared with his cum and Dee’s juices, she looked down at it before dropping her head and sucking him into her mouth. As his cock stiffened he grasped onto the sides of Dee’s head and pushed her down onto his cock. She instantly choked as his swelling cock revived with the attention and excitement and she slobbered over his driving cock, just making more mess.
I looked back at my own cock and watched myself plunder Liza’s ass, I couldn’t hold back any longer, telling Liza that I was going to explode in her ass and with a final thrust my cock once again erupted. I could feel my hot cum spewing out in the tight confines of Liza’s ass and when my final eruption passed, I slipped from her and watched as my remaining cum oozed from my cock head and over her gaping ass.
But Liza was far from finished and as soon as my cock had slipped from her, she scrambled to her feet and hot footed her way around to Logan. She then stood astride Logan’s face, he looked up between her open thighs, he could see her ravaged ass, with my cum oozing from it. She stood astride him and pulled her ass cheeks apart and then slowly descended down onto his waiting face. She too was forceful and sank quickly down onto her haunches, burying his face with her wet messy ass and pussy.
„That’s it Logan, eat my ass hole, lick it clean, don’t leave a drop. You are our slut and you must do everything we tell you, especially from me. Now lick my ass clean, I want you to take all of Ben’s cum, swallow it all, my juices are there just as a sweetener.”
I had now resumed the camera work, once again taking the camera from the tripod and closing in on Logan’s smothered face. His tongue was clearly lapping deep into Liza’s ass, my cock had loosened her and his tongue was busy deep inside her. His lower face was covered and he was clearly enjoying his enforced entrapment.
Liza saw me filming and raised herself from Logan.
„Look Logan, some more cleaning. Get to work on Ben’s cock, it had all my ass stuff over it.” I bent down onto my knees as Logan turned towards me. His head turned towards my crotch and his tongue gingerly swiped the end of my cock, it twitched on the touch. His tongue then swirled around my cock head before he slipped my length deep into his mouth. I felt his tongue tickle the underside of my cock, tempting me to another erection and sure enough I felt myself grow once more.
The girls had now sat down on their haunches, each of them had their hands buried in their pussies. They turned to look at each other and Liza leant over and delicately kissed Dee on the lips. Dee met her lips with her tongue and soon they were tonguing each other frantically. Liza’s free hand scooped up Dee’s boob and she rubbed her nipple between her fingers. The sight made me harden much quicker.
„Ben?” asked Liza as she broke away from Dee, „Would you like to fuck Logan, I want to see him submit to a man.”
„No,” I replied. „I don’t think I could.”
„I will.” A voice chirped up from behind us and within the bushes. We all froze, someone had been watching. „Watching you four has been so horny, just look what you’re doing to me!”
We all looked down at his crotch in unison. He was a young lad around eighteen and his hand was wrapped around an impressive and very hard cock. It was clear that he had been pulling on it for a while; there were visible signs of pre cum drooling down from the head.
„Please.” He almost begged.
„Logan, get on all fours.” Commanded Liza. „Now you can be fucked by a complete stranger. Come on Dee let’s help him get inside Logan.” The girls crawled towards Logan who was now settling onto his knees. The lad soon came round the bush and towards us and as he approached he pulled his jeans off and his cock bounced free. He was soon kneeling behind Logan and the girls fought to grab his cock. Dee got hold of it first and was quickly sucking him into her mouth.
„OMG, I’ve never had a girl suck me before.” Dee released him with a plop as Liza took over. They both stopped and Dee pulled the lads cock towards Logan’s ass. I was now standing over them with the camera in hand, watching intently as his cock nudged against Logan’s ass hole. The lad was now frantic. „I’m so close to cumming, let me fuck him!” The girls released his cock and it piled into Logan’s ass.
„Argh.” Cried Logan as this young cock slid abruptly deep into his ass. „Oh!” Screamed the lad, „You are soo tight.”
I filmed the brief action as his cock ploughed his ass just a few times.
„Cum in his ass,” purred Liza, „You’ll be the first to fill him with seeds.”
This was all too much for the lad and with one last thrust he let go of his load. The lads hands grasped Logan’s hips, holding himself deep inside. The expression on his face clearly showed that he was filling Logan’s ass. He stopped, entrenched in his ass before he slowly pulled his length back out. As it slipped it’s long way out, I focused closely on Logan’s ass. As his cock head appeared and then finally slipped out, Logan’s ass hole gaped and pure white cum started to seep out.
But the lad wasn’t finished, he grabbed Logan’s cheek, pulling them apart before delving his head down to take his cum spewing for Logan’s ass onto his tongue. Again the camera filmed as his tongue lapping and sucked out the juice.
The lad broke away, his tongue lapping at his cum covered face whilst Logan slipped forward. Liza leant forward and spread Logan’s ass cheeks, exposing his dilating ass hole.
„You dirty bastard,” she squealed, „Just wait ‘til we get home. I’m gonna fuck you with that dildo you bought me the other day.” She turned to Dee, „Perhaps you’d like to do it to him too Dee?”
Dee’s hand went to his ass and she fed a finger deep inside, swirling it around his open hole, before she pulled it out and sucked greedily on her finger. „I’d love to Liza, perhaps while you suck him off underneath him and Logan could suck Ben off again?”
„Can I come too?” asked the lad. „I wouldn’t mind sucking Ben off too. In fact I’d like to suck them both off at the same time.”
The girls looked cheekily at each other and nodded together.
„OK boys, perhaps we should let them get off together whilst we watch. I’m sure Dee and I can keep ourselves entertained.”

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