Better late than not at all.
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Better late than not at all.

Better late than not at all

Lucy was pretty. Pretty will serve you well in life. It makes c***dhood fun and easy, grade school sweet and pleasant, high school smooth and friendly, and college as graceful as college can be. As age wears at you, the magical effects of pretty evaporate.
Lucy was no longer young. She had consumed most of her fifties. Her youthful pudgy had become much less appealing and even her perky little breast had begun to flatten and sag. She now spent much of her mornings redoing her face. Still, Lucy was pretty.
Lucy was good girl. Raised by helicopter parents many years before the term existed. She was tutored and monitored, directed and motivated, watched and corrected. She did what was expected of her. She did it without question and she was well rewarded by her generous family.
Lucy married well. She met Ted at college, they married shortly after. Ted was a brilliant student and his career was meteoric, rising quickly to the top of the corporate ladder. Ted was witty, warm, attentive and besides an extraordinary provider, a wonderful father to their daughters.
Ted wasn’t perfect, he had two major flaws; one was his heart which in spite of his ridged food and exercise regime, exploded into a massive heart attack, killing him instantly and second he wasn’t very good at sex.
Not that Lucy was very good at it either. She had come to puberty late, while her girl friends were discovering the little man in the boat and finding out all the tricks he could do, Lucy played dolls.
She had resisted the high school boy’s feeble attempts to mount her and when she finally did uncover her sexuality, she limited herself to quick, to the point moments of relief and suffered with guilt for days afterwards.
She did engage in rubbing and fondling in college but managed to arrive at her wedding day with her hymen in tact.
Her wedding was a royal one but the wedding night left her wondering why people were so crazy about the sex thing. It was an underwhelming experience lasting in totality of under 5 minutes and it never improved.
It’s wasn’t that Ted was inadequate in his equipment. Ted was amply endowed. He just didn’t have clue as to the sexual needs that a women might have. He mounted, pumped as much as he needed to get his climax and rolled off to sleep.
Lucy could never bring herself to complain. Ted was so wonderful in every other way that it seemed trivial to her to whine about her womanly needs and besides; she wasn’t exactly sure what it would be that she would need.
Ted was fertile and her two girls came into her life quickly. Between repeating her parents doting ways and her social life as the wife of a high rising business executive, Lucy seldom thought about her sex needs. It was only now, in her empty nest with Ted gone and her pretty fading away that she began to feel an itch and a longing were almost none had existed before.

If she hadn’t stumbled onto an internet sex site while surfing, its possible Lucy would have gone to her death without ever having discovered the joy of sex.
She ignored the come on picture of the site, a muscled black man with his sex organ prominently displayed and quickly moved to another web page but the image was burned into her mind. After a few minutes she returned to the page and viewed hungrily at that photo and several others that graced the page. She felt herself getting wet and pressed her palm between her legs letting out a groan. She looked around the room to confirm the house cleaners were not around and then back to the screen. The image inflamed her, she closed the computer and went directly into the bath, stripped her clothing and began the shower.
As the pulsing jets of water began to rain down on her, she pulled open the folds of her sex and looked at her vagina. Her clitoris was engorged; she moved to direct the flow of water on to it. Uhhhhh, she grunted as the water sprayed and pulsed. She reached for the soap and lubricated the hard little knob and began to cum, cumming in a long,long, breathtaking sob that was almost painful in it’s intensity and length. She renewed her soaping and stroking and was rewarded again with another orgasm and then another on its heels. Her knees weakened and she had to hold herself up from collapsing in a heap.
She dried herself and thought, well, that’s about the end of that, but it wasn’t, later that very evening, Lucy found herself back at the computer screen searching for more porn. She happened upon the Hamster site and discovered for herself how titillating the short clips could be. Safe, locked into her home alone, she sat naked before the screen and jerked herself off time and time again. She lost count of the orgasms and stopped only when she realized that she had begun to rub herself raw.
The guilt and the shame were awful. Lucy lost herself in her charity work and after a few days with out using the computer, she thought; well it was just a crazy thing, I won’t ever do that again.
In the shower, her body told her a different story, in the shower her fingers found her clitoris hard and sticking its head up and out, shivering at the feel of her warm soapy digits that wandered over it. Again and again she came, wringing orgasm after orgasm out of her fevered body.
And again she found herself on the Hamster site watching young hot bodied men squirting loads of milky semen into waiting willing mouths. Pulling out their ample male parts to reveal well fucked vaginas oozing out their seed. She felt an empty ache deep in loins and for the first time she realized that not only did she miss Ted, she missed his fat cock.
The porn sessions became the norm, now it was a rush and a blur to get through the day and into the privacy and safety of home. Lucy now could not imagine how she ignored Ted’s big tool. She tried to think of something in the house that resembled its size. Lucy settled on a cucumber. That night, alone in the house, she removed one from the fridge and placed it under the covers of her bed. After stimulating herself with porn clips, Lucy slipped into bed and uncovered the vegetable. She pulled one of Ted’s old condoms over the dildo and applied a liberal dose of lubrication. She fingered her opening and spread her own slippery wetness over the outer lips.
She pressed and the fat cock like vegetable slid easily into her. She began to orgasm immediately. I’m cumming, I’m cumming, she cried out to the empty room. She clenched her legs together and bucked her way through a series of ever diminishing orgasm. Lucy realized that her vagina had swallowed the wholeness of the vegetable. She panicked a bit and frantically reached into her well oiled vagina finding the rim end of the condom and pulled out the cum covered cucumber.
Lucy slept a deep and dreamless sleep that night.

To be continued?

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