Real Life - Blue Black Thug
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Real Life – Blue Black Thug

This is a real story from my life. I’ve changed the names to protect the innocent.

A strange number appeared on Gabriel’s phone. He answered as he had recently relocated to this city and was working to build his stable of straight DL top men.

„Hello,“ the five-foot-seven-inch sissy answered.
„What had happened to you,“ inquired a deep voice Gabriel did not recognize.
„What do you mean?“
„You talked to me last night on da chat line and I told you I could head your way today. You said you was gone call me when you got off.“
„I’m sorry sweetie. I was a little drunk last night. I didn’t remember that I was suposed to call.“
„It’s straight. What time you got off?“
„I left the office about ten till five.“
„Mane! I coulda been up der.“
„I’m sorry!“

„You good! Do you know which bus run up to yo apartment,“ asked the six-foot-two-inch slim thug.

„I don’t. I’m new here,“ admitted brown-skinned effeminate man.
„Shid! Let me Google it den. Text me yo address.“
„Alright! I will as soon as we get off.“
„So is you a tranny or a fem?“
„I’m a femboi. Is that okay.“
„Yeah! It’s straight. I ain’t nevah done dis. But you got a sexy ass voice like a

b***h. I wanna try it out. Let me get off da phone so I can look dis s***t up. I’ma call you back.“

Gabriel sent his address.

Five minutes later, the thug called again.

„So. I’ma hafta take da train and den catch a bus tah get tah you,“ the blue-black-skinned man shared.
„Oh wow,“ Gabriel gasped.
„It cool. I’ma come. But dat s***t don’t run all night. So not sure how I can get back.“
„You can spend the night if you want.“
„Dat’ll work. I’ma get mah s***t together and hit you back in ten.“
„Okay. How long will you take you to get here.“
„Bout uh hour from when I leave. Dat cool?“
„Oh yes! Call when you head out.“
„Bet! Look I got da fare to get out der. But I ain’t got none to get back.Can you

help a nigga out?“
„How much you mean?“
„Shid! Like twenty.“
„I only have fifteen in cash. Will that work.“
„Hell yeah! I’ma text you when I leave. Send me a couple pics.“

Gabriel fired off two images – one of his face and one of his butt covered in pink lace boy shorts. The thug asked if that was how he looked right now. Gabriel responded that he had taken both pictures the night before. The guy seemed satisfied.

Twenty minutes later a new text arrived.

-I’m on train.
-OK. Great! What’s your name?“
-Call me D.
-OK. I’m Bubbles.
-I know. You smoke weed?
-I do. But I don’t have any.
-I got some.
-Nice! I have liquor if you wanna sip on something.
-Yeah! Be ready to f***k.

Gabriel ran into the bathroom of his one bedroom apartment. He pulled out a new container of douche and began the cleaning ritual. He had not eaten much that day, but none-the-less there stil needed to be cleansing. He finished and turned on the shower. He washed off with ‚Japanese Cherry Blossom‘ scented shower gel from Bath & Body Works. Then, he shut off the water and applied Keri body oil to his wet skin.

Gabriel was now a silky smooth bottom boi. He went into the bedroom and got dressed in a light blue tutu and some black patent leather heels. He marched up front and fixed himself some gin and orange juice. He waited. It was close to an hour after the message from D saying he was on the way. MARTA could be a bit unreliable for buses, but trains usually made the schedule. He shoved off the delay and sipped his beverage. Then another text came through.

-Got off train. Get on bus in 3 min.
-Yay! At the bus stop from me just walk down Cooper Trail. I live in Stoney Pointe

-Yeah. You ready?
-Just got on bus. It be like 20 more min.
-What apt num?
-Call when you get off. I’ll tell you then.
-Don’t not answer.
-I will answer.

Gabriel lit the candles in the living room and the bedroom with his BiC multi-purpose utility lighter. He loved using it because it kept his delicate hands away from the fire and heat. He sprayed himself and the bed with ‚warm sugar vanilla‘ body spray.

He also made sure the bed was covered with a bit of the fragrance. He sprayed a bit into the air duct to make the apartment feel fresher.

Gabriel’s phone pinged. A text from D alerted him that he was on the bus and five minutes away.

D called.

„Hello,“ Gabriel answered.
„Yeah. Da bus driver say we gone be der in three minutes,“ D replied.
„Okay. When you get to the bus stop walk behind the Zoe’s Kitchen and keep down the

lane. I’m A-221. First building you get to.“
„Okay. I’ma knock soon!“

D knocked.

Gabriel opened the door and let the sexy, super dark, thug in.

„Do I meet your expectations,“ Gabriel asked.
„S***t yeah,“ D confirmed. „Take dem clothes off. I wanna see dat ass.“
„Yes, sir!“

Gabriel removed the garments from his body. D checked out Gabriel’s pretty butt and said, „Hell yeah!“

Gabriel asked if D wanted a drink. The thug said yes and for brown liquor only.

Gabriel produced two red solo cups as he invited D into the kitchen. His ass was glistening. He poured the first drink with the Jack Daniels. Then he asked, „Do you want some Pepsi with that?“

„Yeah,“ D said.

Gabriel added the soda. D walked back to living room as Gabriel mixed his gin and orange juice. When Gabirel got back to the living room, D was stretched out on the dark-brown sofa from Ikea. D was sipping and already had the blunt lit up. D took another puff and passed it over to Gabriel. The older sissy inhaled twice and gave it back to D.

Gabriel was feeling good. He pulled the Sean John relaxed fit jeans down from D’s waist. He grabbed the soft drunk and placed it though the opening of D’s green boxer briefs. Gabriel began to kiss it. He put his mouth all the way on it. The limp cock grew to nine full inches and it was thick.

Gabriel cooed, „I want you to f***k me.“
„Hell yeah,“ D said. „Let’s go!“

Gabriel stood up and guided D to the bedroom. The short sissy’s ass wiggled as he led D to place where the action would occur.

D studied the phat booty.

„Ben ovah,“ D yelled.

D stuck his hard member inside of Gabriel’s juicy bubble butt.

Gabriel screamed.

„Shuddup,“ howled D. „Take dis drunk!“
„Yes daddy,“ cried Gabriel.

D smacked Gabriel’s bubble butt.

D said, „That p***y tight too!“
Gabriel whined, „You like my boip***y, nigga?“
„Hell yeah, b***h!“
„F***k my f***t ass, nigga!“
„Yeah, b***h! You mine now!“

D slammed his hefty meat into the sissy bottom femboi. He loved it doggy but he felt like he needed to nut. But first he ordered, „Arch dat back.“

Gabriel complied.

D was pounding the sissy with no mercy. D yelled, „I’m finna nut. Suck on dis drunk and swallow dat s***t!“

Gabriel jumped off of the fat snake. He sucked hard and took the full load down his


They drank some more and blazed on the weed,

D made Gabriel get back on all fours. He f***ked the sissy hard.

„I ain’t nevah f***ked no f***g but dis s***t hot,“ barked D.
„You like it, boo,“ checked Gabriel.
„F***k me like I’m your stepson.“
„Pretend I’m your teenage stepson.“
„Oh b***h! You gone make me nut again!“
„Cum, daddy!“
„Yeah b***h. Swallow my nut!“

Gabriel took another load down his throat.

D laid down. He and Gabriel fell asleep. Gabriel still had on the heels.

Two hours later D was back awake. His drunk was bone hard. He shoved it insode of the

p***y bottom boi.

Gabriel came to life and threw his back on D’s big tool.

„F***kin‘ b***h,“ D howled.
„Yes, daddy,“ Gabriel wailed.
„Dis li’l f***g p***y good as s***t!“
„Thank you!“
„Got damn! I finna nut again! Suck it out!“

Gabriel’s mouth handled another load of baby batter.

As D slept, Gabriel’s body moved closer to him. Not much longer than the sissy was

skin on skin with the thug, D’s drunk was hard a rock. He automatically slid it back

in. Gabriel was huffing on poppers.

D let Gabriel f***k his love stick.

D pushed Gabriel on his stomach. He started slamming his big drunk in the assp***y.

Gabriel was loving it. D went ape s***t on the p***y.

„Dat s***t feel good,“ D admitted.

D skeeted in Gabriel’s mouth another time.

They went back to sleep.

At 7:00 a.m., Gabriel woke up his guest.

The visitor was stiff with morning wood. He went into the submissive bottom once more. They f***ked hard until D nutted.

D got redressed.

Gabriel put on a red sweat suit and some flip flops. „I can drive you to the train


„Yeah! Dat’s wassup,“ D remarked.

They went outside and got in the white 2013 BMW X3.

Gabriel drove and asked, „Can I see you again?“
„Yeah,“ confirmed D. „What about mah train fare?“

Gabriel produce three five-dollar bills.

„How long you been gay,“ D wanted to know.
„My whole life,“ the driver said in reply.
„I ain’t gay doe!“

Gabriel took the exit for the North Station.

„Here we are,“ Gabriel announced as he pulled into the MARTA station.
„Aight. Hit me up next weekend.“

The blue-black thug got out of the SUV. Gabriel twitched thinking about how he had been used all night.

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