My Visit Home
Erotischen Geschichten Sexgeschichte bei der Arbeit

My Visit Home

My name is Shauna Riley I just recently visited with my parents, Rich and Beth at their home for a little vacation. I always enjoy visiting my parents. Especially my Dad, Rich, he knows how to satisfy me & make me happy. When I arrived he showed me the latest toy in his basement. He now has a wooden stock to put a woman in to satisfy her. And needless to say he was in a hurry to show me his latest toy and to use me in it. He and my mother were quick to take all my clothes off and put me in the stock. My Dad got behind me and rammed his big hard cock into my pussy telling me that I was in for a real treat this vacation. While alternately fuck my pussy and my ass hole my Mom got up on the stool and put her wet pussy to my pink lips. She wrapped her legs so I could not move & and then she squeezed hard forcing my head and tongue into her hungry pussy. While my Dad pumped in and out like a battering ram she told me of the plans they had for me.
For four new men had moved into their neighborhood, they were Jamaican and as my Mom put it they had the biggest cocks he had ever seen or had. She said that over the past month they had come by almost daily to fuck her as well as my Dad. And that my treat would be tonight that they would all have me. I couldn’t wait for the gang banging I would soon receive.
That evening when the four of them showed up I was dressed in a low cut little black dress that left34G breasts and left nothing to the imagination, I wore nothing underneath the dress and the only other thing I wore were my favorite 8 inch slut high heels. And I’m glad I did for each of the guys stood at least 6’ 6” tall. Each of the guys greeted me with a deep soul searching French kiss while fondling my breasts and my ass. I knew I was in for a fantastic evening of fucking. I couldn’t wait till these four used me like the horny little cum slut blonde bimbo whore that I am. And I wasn’t going to be disappointed. From the descriptions of what they had done to my Mom & Dad in their previous visits I just knew that this was going to be one great fuckfest & I wanted that badly. I needed to really be used.
As we went to Dad’s playroom I saw that my Mom had already tied my father down bare ass naked. One of the guys went over to him then dropped his pants and without any preamble shoved his big massive cock into my Dad’s mouth I heard my Dad gagging but he was taking it. It didn’t take long before he pulled it out and went around to his ass and proceeded to ram it into my father’s butthole. It didn’t take him long to get the big head of his cock into my Dad’s butt and then he started to ram it in and out, at first all he could do was scream but then that changed to a continual moaning and groaning. I could tell Dad was enjoying it.
But it was now my turn & again I was put into the stocks with my feet, hands & neck locked down so I could not escape or resist. The other three guys stripped in front of me and I was just amazed while looking at their still limp cocks & in my mind I was thinking of how big & hard they would soon be as they proceeded to totally destroy my willpower & turn me into their total cock slut. I’ll admit I did sense fear at the thought of what these massive Jamaican cocks were going to do to me. But I looked forward to it. My Mom came over & coated my lips with my creamy wet pink lipstick telling me that they enjoyed a creamy wet lipsticked mouth to get their cocks wet & ready and that when a white woman accepts a big black Jamaican cock it should show it & nothing shows it better than our leaving our lipstick marks on it. As the first cock was about to enter my mouth I didn’t know if I would be able to take it in or even get it all in my mouth but I did, it was difficult & my mouth was stretched wider than I think it ever has been but I took it, I was amazed & happy. He kept pumping it in and out while holding my head by my ears. He told me to get his cock nice & wet for it would slide easier into my pussy. He soon took it out of my mouth & proceeded to go & stick it in my wet twat. He was no sooner out of my mouth then his friend put his in my mouth.
Again my mouth was stretched to accommodate his big tool. But now with one in my pussy & one in my mouth I was totally loosing control. It didn’t take long for his cock to get wet & he pulled out to go behind me like the first guy did. At that point my Mom again coated my lips. As this third cock was to enter my mouth he asked if I thought I could take it all in & down my throat, I said I didn’t know if I could and would he be upset if I couldn’t get it all in my mouth he laughed and said he was sure I could & would. As he started to push it in the fellow who was last in my mouth was now behind me starting to penetrate my asshole. I felt his big head at my anus & then he shoved his big mushroom headed cock in. I was about to scream as the third guy shoved his big mushroom head cock into my mouth stifling my scream. I was in shock that these three big cocks were all in me simultaneously and being shoved deeper & deeper into me. I was already having uncontrollable orgasms & I had no control of my own body. They were in control & I was just a cock holder for their tools of pleasure.
They were all telling me it was their intention to totally spoil me. And I knew it to be true. As they all rammed their cocks in & out of me I could here my Mom urging them on. She told them that I deserved whatever they did to me. That I was a head strong dominant intelligent woman who needed to be turned into a dumb stupid helpless cock sucking cum slut bitch whore slave who could not refuse anything a man did to her. They responded that would not be a problem and by the time they finished with me I would be totally helpless and their slave. My total seduction when on for about 4 or more hours. During that time I know that I passed out at least 3 or 4 times or maybe more. And each time I became conscious it was to the feel of three big cocks driving in and out of me like battering rams. They were having a fantastic time totally destroying me, I don’t know how many times they had cummed in me but my Mom told me it was about 5 or 6 times each. I know I could feel my belly was full and both of my legs were soaked with pre-cum and cum as well as the juices from my own many orgasms. My face and hair were loaded with cum. I must have been a sight to see but I didn’t & couldn’t care. I was receiving the fucking of a lifetime and all that counted was that my body was pleasing them as much as they were pleasing me.
This fucking didn’t end that day. After they were done with me for the night (I was totally exhausted) one of them carried me to bed and let me sleep, coated in their cum. And my Mom told me then she fucked them while they all took turns fucking my Dad in his butt and mouth. Mom said they wanted to prove to him his manhood no longer existed & he should embrace his new found womanhood. He was their sissy boy & he would learn to embrace it and appreciate that they had turned him. I spent a week visiting my parents & the whole time I was there they used me as their toy & I enjoyed it. They said next year they are going back to Jamaica to vacation & that I would be going with them. They wanted to show me off to all their male friends & relatives as an incentive for them to come to America & enjoy the good life. And I was an example of the American woman & our desire to be bred by Jamaican men. They said that once their male friends & families were here they would marry & enslave us white Christian whores. We were good for obtaining American citizenship, making more male babies & treating them like kings. And the way they made me feel I have to agree 100% with that philosophy. And I know quite a few beautiful white women who will make perfect wives, lovers, bun ovens for their young and the perfect slaves to their superior race. I can’t wait to go on vacation with them next year. And in the meantime I’m going to be making a list of my girlfriends who would make perfect wives for their friends and family.

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