Green Eyes Paralysis
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Green Eyes Paralysis

The maintenance man entered the bus, obviously dumbfounded over what he possibly heard and seen, and his right hand was obviously trembling a bit. The chubby maintenance man was about seventy years of age with a massive beer gut. His thinning salt and pepper hair was hidden by a gray work cap, and his brown eyes were behind thick framed glasses.

„I’m not even going to ask what I just heard, and I will not ask about the mess on the window either. I’m just here to make the repair and be on my way. I’m not missing my wife’s lasagna for anything,“ the maintenance man sniffed and turned up his nose.

„Well, I suppose I should clean that mess up before he reports me. Stingy old fool,“ the driver grunted as he made his way toward the front of the bus.

„I have an idea,“ Craig whispered lovingly into Jamie’s ear as he nibbled her earlobe.

„And?“ Jamie was enjoying the ear nibbles quite a bit, her plans with her family long-forgotten.

„How about we head to my place? It’s not too far from here. I’ll cook us some dinner, open a bottle of wine, and maybe play some music?“ Craig softly kissed Jamie’s cheek.

„I’m game. However, you kind of ruined my shirt so I can’t go out like this,“ Jamie pointed towards her ruined shirt.

Craig reached into a black backpack that he had brought with him and pulled out a clean V-neck t-shirt and tossed it to Jamie, telling her to leave her bra off because he liked how perky her breasts were. He grabbed the ruined shirt and shoved it into his backpack.

„We’re not going to be able to wait. We’ll just get off here and walk the rest of the way,“ Craig nodded at the driver, who looked disappointed.

„At least someone decided to go get a room. It smells like spunk in here,“ the maintenance man glared, and Craig rolled his eyes.

„Uptight much?“ Jamie chuckled as the couple strolled down the busy city street, and Craig’s hand cupped Jamie’s perky ass as they walked.

Suddenly, Craig realized that he had destroyed Jamie’s panties earlier, which meant there was nothing underneath her skirt. A devilish grin emerged across his face, and he softly chuckled as he slowly began lifting Jamie’s skirt to expose her bare ass.

„Hey! No funny business out here! Not fair,“ Jamie gritted her teeth and glared at Craig before letting a chuckle out.

„I can’t help it. I really liked what I saw earlier,“ Craig gave one of Jamie’s breasts a soft squeeze as she smacked his hand away.

After a couple more minutes, the couple ended up in front of a brick townhome with a massive black front door. The door had a gold knocker, and a small hemisphere window. Craig led Jamie up the large concrete steps to the front door, fumbled with the keys, and slowly opened the door to reveal a eloquent foyer with white marble floors and light yellow walls.

„I hope you don’t mind, but my brother is staying with me for a couple weeks while his house is being renovated. He will probably be around for dinner, at least,“ Craig dropped his backpack on a wooden bench near the front door and turned to face Jamie.

„Sure, why not? I’d like to meet hi-“ Jamie’s voice trailed off as Craig’s brother emerged. His brother was the exact spitting image of Crag with the same black hair, green eyes, and tanned complexion.

„I should mention that he is also my twin brother,“ Craig chuckled at Jamie’s loss of words.

„Hey there, I’m Christian,“ the brother grinned and extended his hand, and Jamie shook it.

Twins? Either I died and went to heaven or I’m seriously in trouble here, Jamie mused.

„What sounds good for dinner?“ Craig quickly checked his cell phone for messages.

„How about your famous burgers on the grill,“ Christian leaned against the wall on one shoulder.

„Easy as pie. Jamie, would you mind helping me get the stuff ready?“ Craig motioned towards the kitchen.

„I’ll fire up the grill,“ Christian winked and disappeared.

Craig led Jamie to a large, but homely kitchen. The white marble floors continued into the kitchen, and the cabinets were a deep black color. The counters had more of that white marble theme going, and the counters wrapped the entire kitchen. A black dining set sat at the side of the large kitchen. A set of French doors behind the dining set led to a massive wooden deck, overlooking a pond. Jamie could see Christian through the French doors, and he was cleaning the grill.

Jamie and Craig got to work and began preparing the food. Craig started on the hamburgers while Jamie chopped vegetables for a salad. As Jamie worked, she felt a presence behind her, and she realized Craig stood right behind her. His body softly pressing hers into the counter. She marveled at the feeling of his body pressing against hers. His strong hands held her hips as he created a trail of kisses on her cheek and down her neck. A few moans escaped Jamie’s lips, and the duo heard chuckling from across the room.

„Couldn’t even wait for dessert?“ Christian smirked and crossed his arms.

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