sister in law with 18 year olds Part 12
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sister in law with 18 year olds Part 12

Just as Jane predicted Janice asked me how I would cope with a weekend at Jane’s without clothes. I responded “I’m not sure How could we be naked? What would Jane say? Come to that would Jane be there? If she wasn’t just you and me, I could cope with that.” “Jac you are such a wally. Jane has seen you naked already. I was wondering how you would cope with seeing Jane naked.” “Oh Janice, I don’t know how I will cope. I might get a hard on but I’d probably have one already hen I was seeing you naked again. We will only know when it happens. I’m up for it if you are.”

Janice told Jane after choir practice that Jac was up for a weekend without clothes. Jane responed “Janice thats good cause, this weekend is the one. Ramsey is off on Friday afternoon not back til Junday night late.”

All three looked forward tot he weekend. What two didn’t know is that that there would be 4. Jane didn’t want to be a goodberry so she arranged for me to spend the weekend too.

On Friday afternoon Jane told me to stand by and be ready to come around as soon as Ramsey’s mate called for him. When I arrived two minutes after Ramsey left, Jane was dressed in a white round necked red sweater her tits were held in place by lace bra that let her nipples show through so that in the sunshine they cast a shadow. The sweater came to just below her bra so her midriff was bare and her belly button was on show.

The skirt she wore was skin tight and came to just below the top of her hold ups. When Jane bent over the top of her holdups were visible. The waistband was about 2″ below her navel. It was clear either she was wearing a throng or no panties because even though the skirt was made of very thin material (silk or satin) there was no visible pantie lines.

When I walked in through the door Jane wrapped her arms round me and french kissed me. Her tongue was playing with mine. I felt my cock stand to attention. Oh God I loved to feel Jane’s tits against my chest. My hands roamed over her bare back and up to the clasp of her bra. In no time the bra was loosened and my hands were playing with her nipples.

Jane’s hands were stroking my but and back. She undid the buttons of my shirt and stroked my chest. My cock wanted to be sunk deep in her cunt but it was trapped in my trousers. I really wanted to fuck her really hard. “Jane I need to fuck you right now.” “Jonny you will have to wait. We are going to have such fun this weekend but you will have to be patient.” “Why?” “We are sharing this weekend with two others. They are not as experienced as us right now but they will catch up soon.”

Just then the door bell rang. Jane answered the door and admitted Janice. “Jonny this is Janice. Janice Jonny. You two are going to get to know each other much better over the weekend. Now we are just waiting for Jac.”

Just then Jac’s motorbike roared round the back and stopped. Jane opened the door and let him into the kitchen. “Jac this is Jonny, you know Janice and me.” “Of course.”

“Now lets get the rules of the weekend clear. This is going to be a naked weekend, I am in charge and I will state what will happen and how. If anyone has an objection they can leave right now. Ok with you Jac?” “Yes Jane. as long as you have no objections to me having a hard on.” “I have no problem with that Jac.” How about you Jonny?” “I’m like Jac.” “Janice?” “I’m looking forward to it.” “Ok then we have to get naked but so there is no embarrisment I am going to say how that will happen.”

“Jac you will remove my clothes first while the others watch. Jonny you will remove Janice’s clothes next. Then I will remove Jac’s clothes. Finally Janice will remove Jonny’s clothes.”

“At that point Jac and Jonny will take a dining room chair each and place them facing each other and about 4′ apart. Jac and Jonny will sit on one chair each. Then Janice will sit astride Jonny and facing him. I will do the same with Jac. Any objections leave now.”

Jac moved over to where Jane was standing. He stood so he could comfortably reach the hem of her sweater. Gripping each side of the hem he slowly raised it so that Jane had to raise her arms to allow it over her head. As he raised it his hands slid up each side of her body. When it was totally free of her body Jac swung it around in the same was that strippers swing their bra before they throw it into the crowd. Jac then slid his hand under her unfastened bra and stroked her tits before sliding the straps off her shoulders and down her arm so the bra could fall to the floor. Reaching round her back Jac got up close to Jane so her tits were pressed close to his chest. Jac undid the catch and the zip so the skirt could fall to the floor. Jane was wearing no panties so her hairless pussy was on show to anyone looking. Jac took a close up look as he knelt in front of Jane in preparation for taking her holdups off. Jac could smell Jane’s love juces.

Jac put his palms together and pushed his hands between Jane’s legs so that his thumbs were touching her pussy lips. Then he slid his hands down her leg at the same time forcing her legs apart, so that when they reached her ankles her feet were 2′ apart. Now Jac lifted Jane’s left leg and removed her shoe before repeating the process with her other shoe. Now Jac put his hands on each side of the top of her left hold up and slowly, making sure his hands slid down her leg making good contact, he took off the holdup. Similarly the right one was removed.

At that point Jane said “Thanks Jac, I enjoyed that.” Jac had enjoyed it too. He had a raging hardon.

Jane now knelt in front of Jac and reached for his belt buckle undoing it. Next came the the fastening and zip on his trousers. They fell to the floor, at which point it was clear that he had a hardon. Jane reached for each side of his boxers waist and started sliding them down. They had not slid down far when they were snagged on his boxers, so Jane reached in and took hold of his cock and released it from its capitivity. Jac thought oh my that was good. Jane thought oh my that is a lot of precum juice I have on my hand now. The boxers hit the floor and Jane stood up starting to unbutton Jac’s shirt. When all the buttons were undone Jane pressed her tits against Jac’s chest and threw the shirt to the floor.

At that point Jac sat down on his chair and Jane straddled him. While they were watching the others undress jane kept moving in the same way she would have if riding a horse. Jane’s clit was rubbing against Jac’s cock. Jac felt the pressure building in his cock.

At that point Jonny stood in front of Janice. Janice was mad, she thought if Jac could do that in that way so can I and I am going to enjoy it. Jonny knelt in front of Janice. He liked the smell of her perfume but he knew he had other pleasures to come from her. Reaching round her back while resting his head against her stomach he unfastened the clasp and unzipped her slacks. At that point Jonny put his hands on her bum cheeks so he had a good feel of them but at the same time her hooked his thumbs onto the waistband. Sliding his hand down the outside of Jane’s leg, while having a good feel he lowered her slacks to the floor. Jane stepped out of them and stood legs apart waiting and hoping for the next thrill.

She didn’t have long to wait. Jonny slide his hands up the inside of her legs until they reached the top. At that point her hooked his hands into the crotch. Oh my it was soaking with her juices. I’m going to enjoy Janice straddling me soon he thought. As he pulled her panties down towards the floor Jane closed her legs just enough to let them fall to the floor.

Jonny then slowly slid his hand up Jane’s inside legs until he reached her pussy where he stopped the travel to explore it. Jane had a hairless pussy that had so much juice escaping that not only did it smell strongly but it was running down her leg. I’m going to have no problem slipping my cock into that cunt he thought. The second thought was how tight is she. Jonny loved a tight cunt. After he played with her clit a bit Jonny stood up and started to unbutton Jane’s white see through blouse. With the blouse undone Jonny leaned in so he could rub his chest on her bra covered tits. The blouse was slipped off and dropped to the floor. Jonny then reached round the back to unclip the bra. once it was unclipped Jonny slid his hands under the cups to feel her tits and nipples. When her bra was on the floor Jonny leaned in and sucked Jane’s nipples gently biting them in turn. As he did that he was holding her buns and pulling her into him so he could feel his hard cock through his trousers against her pussy. At that point Jonny did some fucking motions against her pussy crack and clit. Feels good thought Janice I hope he goes all the way when I’m straddling him. After a few seconds of that movement Jonny stood back to allow Janice to strip him.

Like Jonny, Janice started with the lower half. First the belt was unbuckled, the clasp and zip lowered. Janice wasted little time getting the trouser onto the floor and Jonny to step out of them. Jonny was going comando so his cock was waving in Janice’s face. There was lots of pre cum and that encouraged Janice to leaned in and kiss the tip of his cock. As she did she thought that will show Jac and the she thought in for a penny in for a pound so she took it in her mouth. Janice bobbed her head up and down and was amazed when Jonny’s cum shot out into her mouth. It tasted salty but otherwise not too bad.

Janice stood up and quickly removed Jonny’s sweater,as she did so she wispered into Jonny’s ear “Lets get on wiith it I want you to fuck me now.” Jonny needed not further encouragement, so he sat on the chair pulling Janice on top of him. As Janice spread her legs she held Jonny’s cock and guided it into her cunt. As she did so she thought that will teach Jac but she was had a surprise coming.

Jonny’s cock was much bigger than Jac’s and it was much thicker. Becaue of the pain as she lowered herself into the cock Janice let out a “Ahhhhhhh” but tit was too late. Jonny was already fucking Janice as she lowered herself onto him. Jonny grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down so he was fully into her cunt. Jonny then funcked her like mad. Janice had never been fucked so deep or hard before.. After a bit she started to enjoy it when the pain wore off.

Mean while Jac too got mad at Janice so he whispered to Jane “Since they are fucking we should do that too.” “Ok by me.” Jaane raised herself and manouvered so Jac’s cock could enter her soaking wet cunt. Jane rode Jac in a wild way and Jac responded. When Jane came she let out a loud “Yessssss Yesssss oh fuck me hard Jac.”

For the next hour they all fucked in that way.

More to follow. Let me know what you think please.

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