Cuckoldry - Wife Given Permission - Husband Devast
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Cuckoldry – Wife Given Permission – Husband Devast

One evening we went out for drinks in a bar with music.
My wife was looking sexier than ever. At one point I
had to use the men’s room. When I came back I saw her
chatting and flirting with another man. She was
touching his arm as she spoke. She nodded and went up
onto the dance floor with him.

My wife danced with him and it looked like she was
trying to fuck him. I could make out my wife kissing
her partner on the lips and rubbing her crotch against
his pelvis. I felt both jealous and aroused. My
erection was hurting me in my pants. His hand was in
between her legs and I was sure he was touching her
intimately as they danced, rubbing his stiff cock
against her.

With a frown, I walked up to her and waved her over.
When he realised we were together he excused himself
and left.

„You looked friendly a moment ago…“ I remarked.

She giggled and said:

„Did you see it honey? He was trying to pick me up. He
was feeling me up on the dance floor and I let him. I
felt so wicked letting him play with me and feeling
poke his boner against my leg. He wanted to fuck me, he
said he’d fuck me all night and I’d enjoy it, he’d make
sure I did. He said he could smell my wet cunt and he
knew I was gagging for it. I told him I was married and
not interested but I have to admit it made me wet
between the legs and so horny. I want you to take me
home now, please. „

She was hot. I reached under her skirt to find her
panties dripping wet. It was like they’d just come out
of the washing machine. She was soaked through. With
her help I had her panties off in a minute and held
them dripping in my hand. I slipped my hand back under
the elastic find her pussy slopping wet. Her labia were
completely open and her clit was a hard nub under my
fingers. Just touching her pussy caused her to hump
back and forth on my hand and sigh as if she was
already being fucked.

She fumbled for her purse. She pulled out a small
business card with the guys phone numbers and email
addresses on them.

„His name is Tom. I got his phone number, baby. He told
me I could call him any time. Maybe he can come and
keep me company when you are out sometime,“ she added
with a mischievous smile.

This seemed to turn her on even more. I guess she had
been tempted and the fantasy of her straddling him then
riding his cock crossed my mind. I’m sure he would have
gladly fucked her brains out. She told me she was very
aroused and asked me if I was angry. I replied that I
wasn’t and she could tell how aroused I. I told her
that it was one of my deepest fantasies to watch her
fuck another man.


„Are you serious? You don’t mind me fucking another
man? You won’t be jealous or mad at me? You could never
take away the fact that he had stuck his cock into my
pussy and come inside me. That we had screwed. That he
had filled me with his sperm. Would you really be able
to cope with that? Are you picturing me getting fucked
right now? Are you getting hot thinking about your wife
being balled by his cock right in front of you?“

„Wouldn’t you love having a long thick bone filling
your moist tight pussy deeper than any man ever has
before?“ I asked her. „I wouldn’t mind seeing you
getting fucked by another man.“

She didn’t say anything but I could see that my wife
was really turned on by the thought. She told me that
she had felt his hard cock pressing against her pelvis
when they flirted. She appeared troubled and tempted. I
could see it by her hard nipples as she toyed with the
idea. Knowing my wife, the pleasure of fucking would
send her vaginal muscles pulsating many times on him as
she climaxed repeatedly on a massive throbbing cock. I
could imagine her beautiful body twisting in passion as
she came like a bitch.

„You would like me to fuck another man, wouldn’t you,“
she said, grabbing hold of my hard cock through my
trousers and squeezing it. „I wouldn’t use a condom…“
She added with a wry little smile after a silence.

I instantly realised she accepted the idea of it
happening. The thought of another man leaving his semen
deep in my wife’s belly was both repellent and
alluring. I knew from the way she looked at me that one
day she would cuckold me.


She took my arm and said, „Get me out of here. Get me
to bed baby, I need it bad.“

When we got home she attacked me, kissing me
feverishly. I tore her clothes off and quickly found
that her pussy was dripping wet. The guy had her turned
on! She leaned down and gave me a deep French kiss, her
mouth open, pressing her tongue between my lips. She
continued to kiss me and rub my chest as I looked at
her. We were both thinking about what was going to
happen some day soon. Reaching down between her legs, I
gently stroked Laurel’s pussy and I found it very wet as
I inserted a finger inside my wife. She squirmed and
kissed me again. She wanted sex right away.

„Pretend I’m him,“ I whispered in her ear.

She climbed on top of me and straddled my stomach, her
hair tickling my face, her lubricated sex grinding
against my torso. She settled on my hips, pushing back
against my hard cock. I groaned at her wet embrace.
Before I could protest, she began riding my body,
pinning me under her wild exertions. I closed my eyes,
hearing her moans and the bed creaking, inhaling the
floral scent. She shut her eyes. Laurel’s pussy was so
moist – I had never known her so aroused.

My cock slammed into her, coated with her lubricating
juices. I had visions of her fucking the stranger and I
knew she must be fantasising about him.

I was completely enflamed with jealousy and lust. I
fucked her real hard. I couldn’t get the image of her
fucking that guy out of my mind.

„Yes Baby. Fuck me.“ She groaned.

I continued screwing my wife as I asked, „Did you feel
his cock tonight?“

Laurel moaned and was able to answer in a whisper, „Oh
God. He felt huge. „

„You felt his cock?“

„I was so turned on by his hot body… oooh… ooohh,
baby, yes… fuck me!“ She groaned.

She was so wet and slick. I’d never seen her cunt so
slippery. Her come was all over my thighs and I could
feel it dripping from my balls.

„Oh yeah keep fucking me… I touched him on the dance
floor when we were dancing… Oh… Yeah… Good…“

I began to fuck my wife with more force as I listened
to her say she felt his cock and screwed her with such
force that she was gasping for air.

Her pussy was soaked and the wet sounds coming from her
pussy filled the room as I kept screwing her.

I came hard and shot my come up into her pussy. We
kissed and then I slipped out of her.

I could feel her hips grinding hard on me as I came
inside her belly with a rare intensity. She shuddered
and came, groaning loudly, her pussy squeezing my cock
as she reached her shattering climax. I could feel my
hot juices run down his thigh. By the way I made love
to her she realized that far from being angry with her,
I was aroused beyond belief and that this meant that I
approved her wanton behaviour.

She climbed off of me and with a slutty smile, taunting
me, her eyes sparkling with the promise of ecstasy and
the wanton enjoyment of adultery.

As she often did, Laurel began fingering her clit after
we fucked. She brought herself to an amazing orgasm. I
watched her body shudder and saw her toes curl…a sure
sign that she is really cumming hard. She let out a
tiny, „oooohhh…“

We collapsed on the bed and I held her and drifted to
sleep. Later, I woke up to see her fingering herself
again. I was too tired to fuck her again, but I watched
her make herself come twice and then fell back asleep.
When I woke up that morning, I could hear my wife in
the shower, making herself come over and over again.


The following morning she had announced that she was
going out with one of her girlfriends from work to a
disco. When I asked her why she had not told me before
she claimed she had forgot.

My wife took great care in her preparations. She got
dressed and reappeared, an image of wanton sensuality,
in a very short tight black lycra dress with red thongs
beneath. Her make-up was heavy make up and she wore
bright red lipstick and high-heeled shoes. The heels
added quite a bit to height and made her taller than
me. She looked incredibly sexy.

I smiled nervously, letting my eyes run over my wife.
She was simply gorgeous and seeing her like this was an
intense turn. I was soaking in the sight and shook my
head to break the spell. I tried to kiss her but she
repulsed me, not wanting to spoil her make-up. She
kissed me goodbye, a light peck on the cheek, telling
me not to wait up for her.

I said nothing but I have to admit I was worried and
even a little suspicious. Especially when at 2 a. m.
there was still no sign of her. Finally she got in
around 3 a. m. showered and came to bed.

I lay in bed silently, tortured by the ideas that she
had cheated on me and suddenly I had to know the truth.
I had an idea. I slipped out of bed and crept
downstairs to the laundry hamper, my heart racing
madly. I dug through the basket and I pulled out her
short tight violet dress. I held it up and admired it a
moment. Casting it aside, I found the delicate soft
stockings and then under them wrapped in a bundle her
soggy black laced Aubade panties. I wanted to see the
proof. They smelled of very wet pussy. There was
something about used panties I always dug. Knowing that
a woman’s cunt was planted there, touching the fabric.
Her daily secretions and scent were imprinted on them.

Hands trembling, I took them out and slowly examined
them closely in the light. They were rolled into a
ball, but there was a spot on the material that was
damp and soggy. I unfolded the panties. There were
heavy creases on the back and I turned them inside out.

The crotch of the panties was totally soaked and
encrusted with a thick mess of dried substance coating
the cotton. The white cum markings on the crotch showed
up clearly against the black material. Talk about being
caked in cum. They were sticky to the touch. Her pussy
juice had dried to a solid, but fine white crust on the
front side. There were bits of curly black pubic hairs
stuck to it. Further up the fabric where her asshole
would have been, a creamy light brown streak tinted
across material. It was still damp to the touch. I
lifted them to my nose. The scent was unbelievable.

I got hard… I was stunned to think that my innocent
bride of thirteen years was cheating on me and most
probably had enjoyed being fucked by Michel that night
and lied to me. I brought the crotch of the panties
close to my face so that I could smell them. I
immediately detected the strong pungent scent of a
man’s sexual discharge. I was sure it was her cum mixed
with the semen of the stranger who just fucked her. I
was shocked and horrified as I realised what had

I wondered how much more remained in my lovely wife at
the moment. She had fucked this guy without making him
wear a condom! Another man had cum in my wife’s belly
and this was her worst time of the month!I wondered
whether she wanted to get pregnant with his baby and
whether if it happened would she keep it? This meant
that I had never licked her dirty used when it was full
of other man’s cum. I was dismayed and confused at her
betrayal. The mother of my c***dren had been fucked.
For a moment, I could not stand the idea of her being
unfaithful. However my cock was hard as I imagined her
coming, legs spread wide on another man’s cock.

I dipped my finger into it and brought it up to my nose
as I examined the fluid on the crotch closely. As I
pulled it away from the material a long string of it
stretched out from the glob. As I sniffed my finger, I
confirmed that was! I felt a pit in the stomach. I
stood there a long time as dozens of emotions went
through my mind. Balling up the stiff panties again, I
held it up against his nose and inhaled deeply, taking
in the strong aroma of the dried fuck juices. I brought
the panties to my mouth and kissed the dirty crotch,
visions of Michel’s big cock stoking in and out of my
wife’s tight cute pussy.

To my surprise the image gave me an instant hard on.
She had been wearing them when she was fucked by him.
Moving over to the toilet, I wrapped the soiled and
stiff garment over his throbbing cock, jerking myself
until I exploded. The entire load was shot into the
already crusty crotch of the soiled garment. Squeezing
my cock, I then wiped it dry with the garment, adding
my scent on the already soiled panties. I may have come
inside her panties, he had come inside her wet and
willing pussy. I balled the panties back up to replace
them in the hamper. As I was putting them back I also
found traces inside her dress.


When she woke up the following morning I didn’t even
have time to confront her before she looked me straight
in the eye’s and announced seriously:

„You know when you said I could have sex with another
man, did you mean it? Would you like me to cuckold you?
Would you like that Dan?“

I swallowed and nodded. My sex grew hard in my pants.
The way her nipples were poking out I knew she wanted
to do it again and she would continue whether I liked
it or not.

I didn’t trust myself to say anything so I nodded and
managed, „Of course,“ I said. „Why, have you met
someone you want to sleep with?“

She smiled sluttishly and said chirpily, „Well, yes. A
guy at work. He has asked me out several times already
but I didn’t really want to… I wasn’t sure if you
really wanted me to. „

„Of course I do. Why did you wait?“ I asked.

„Because he’s very sexy and turns me on. I really need
to have sex with him now. My friends tell me that he
has a big cock and knows how to use it. I want him in
me. I really do. „

„If you really do then, I want you to have sex with
him. Next time he asks, accept.“ I replied.

„He wants to come over and take me to dinner tonight.
You’re not angry or jealous are you, dear?“ She asked.

I just stared at her, eyes wide. Pursing my lips, I
said reluctantly, „I only want you to have a good time
and to enjoy yourself fully.“

My cock grew real hard as I imagined this man’s big
cock inside my wife’s chaste pussy.

„It’s already done. I’ve accepted. I’m seeing him
tonight unless of course you don’t want me to…“

My cock was hard and my heart pounding as I added, „I
hope you accepted.“

„Naturally I told him yes. So you agree?“ She replied

I guessed that it had been Mike who had given her a
good pounding last night but if she didn’t want to go
there I definitely wouldn’t. I knew that after dinner
tonight Mike would be taking my wife back to his place
and fucking her.

She threw her arms around me and kissed me lustfully.

„I do not want to go anymore. I want to stay in with
you instead. I love you. You are so wonderful with me.“

I do not know what made me reply, „No.“ I shook my head
and continued: „You have to go out now. You promised
him. It’s too late to cancel. As long as you call me
tonight after Mike is done fucking you and tell me how
it went. “ I said.

She accepted and the day passed very slowly as I
couldn’t think of anything else than my wife’s date.

That evening the phone rang and Laurel answered. She
closed the door behind her but I could her laughing and
guessed it was Mike making the arrangements.

After that she kissed me briefly and went upstairs to
get ready to go and meet her date Mike. She was ages in
the bathroom and when I went inside I found her shaving
her pussy. Something she had never done before.

She kissed me again and declared that she needed to
shave her pussy before she went out. I volunteered to
help and soon I had shaved her pussy nice and smooth
for him.

She told me her pussy had been wet all day in
anticipation. She was meeting him for a drink then if
all went well he would be fucking her soon after.

She smiled knowingly at me, looking into my eyes and
asked me to help choose something sexy for her to wear.
I selected a tight min-skirt, sexy black stockings, a
tight top and some lacy string panties. Meanwhile she
put on some heavy make-up perfume and bright red

When she was ready, she turned around and stood before
me. Laurel was dressed in a short sexy number with heavy
make up ready to leave.

„How do I look?“ She asked. „I look like a prostitute,
don’t I? It’s your fault I look like a whore. I hope
you do not complain to me afterwards if I give him an
erection.“ She said looking at herself angrily in the

„Are you going to have sex with him?“ I asked, avoiding
her question.

„I’m not sure,“ she replied not looking at me. I knew
that she would. „Do you want me to?“

I kissed her on the lips, slipping my hand up her skirt
and caressing her between the legs.

„I do want you to. And I want you to make him come hard
inside you. You have to tell me all about it when you
return.“ I insisted.

„Oh, and one more thing you need to know about him.
He’s black.“

An image of her white skin against his, his dark cock
in her moist soft pussy flashed in my mind. I was very
hard now.

„Of course if you do not want me to go…“ She added.

I took her hand and placed it on my hard cock.

„What do you think? I guess the two of you will be
fucking like rabbits tonight.“ I said.

She smiled at me and said, „I will be bringing you back
a present. His hot spunk deep inside my pussy.“

She pecked me lightly on the cheek and rushed off,
saying she would keep me posted.

I watched her leave with excitement for her fuck date.


She cleaned herself quickly and came back home. All the
way home she could feel her panties getting wetter with
his cum. In fact, she finally put a paper tissue in her
panties to keep from developing a conspicuous wet spot.
I was in bed, pretending to sleep. She didn’t know that
I was watching her. I didn’t say a word as she slid her
panties off of her arse and down over her beautiful
legs. As she bent to lift her feet out of her panties I
looked at her firm beautifully shaped figure and got an
instant erection.

After thirteen years of marriage Laurel’s body could
still excite me. As Laurel picked her panties off the
floor I was thinking about how much I wanted to bury my
cock in her tight pussy. It was with this thought in my
head that I watched as Laurel examined the crotch of her
panties. Then she used the panties to wipe her pussy as
though she were trying to clean herself. I didn’t
immediately understand the significance of what she was
doing. I guess it was because I was so horny I couldn’t
think straight.

I sat up and said, „Honey?“

She looked at me startled, smiled, then came over to
give me a kiss. Her breath smelt like cock and cum. I
instantly knew she had been a slut and her date fucked

I kissed her on the lips and ran my tongue deep into
her mouth. I thought I noticed a slightly familiar
smell and taste on her lips.

„Well?“ I asked.

I saw her cheeks flushed with a warm glow of
satisfaction that had eluded her all these years: The
obscene salacious carnal satisfaction of a good screw.
Her eyes were tired, her make-up a mess. I noticed that
her dress on the floor was crinkled and crumpled as a
result of the intense sexual encounter. She seemed
fulfilled and used, but promiscuously attractive.
Seeing her like that gave me such a hard on. She looked
at me in the eyes. I caught a malicious provocative
gleam in them. She had behaved like a whore and seemed
to have no regrets. I wondered who would be the next
handsome well-hung virile male lover she would welcome
between her cock thirsty loins and strongly wanted
there to be a next time and a next.

As she came closer to me, I noticed that her tits had
red marks on them where her partner had been a little
rough but to me, she had never looked sexier in her

She gave me a sly and wanton smile and informed that
she had sucked his dick and then he had given her a
good hard fucking for two hours. I asked her to spread
her legs so that I could see her dirty, nasty little

„My God!“ I moaned as I watched her open her thighs and
part the wet vaginal lips with her hands. Her eyes were
on me, studying and savouring my reactions.

She touched the intimate parts that I had thought
belonged to me and said, „Yes, he has a really big cock
and I was a bad girl… He filled my sluttish married
pussy to the brim with his cum. That has got to be the
best fucking sex I have ever had. Thank you, darling.“

My eyes were instantly drawn like magnets to her wide
freshly fucked and stretched pussy. Her vaginal lips
were red and swollen with friction from her male
friend’s dick. White sticky spunk was frothing and
oozing from her pussy. The cuntal juice and white cum
glistened in her pussy. Her cunt was still full of his
nasty, sticky cum.

My cock grew immediately hard at the evidence that she
had been fucked. I swallowed hard.

The thought of the man’s seed in her sperm-laden belly
made me terribly aroused. Knowing my wife she would
have made sure she had taken that unclean cock deep
inside her belly before he came. She was a perverse
slut wife and I am sure she would have enjoyed every
moment of that shameless fornication.

As I dropped between her legs I noticed the strong
poignant odour of her lover’s perspiration and their
mixed spunk and pussy juices. I was tremendously
aroused by the thought of my lovely wife screwing like
a dirty slut with that stranger. I looked down at her
pussy and saw that a small pool of cum had spilled out
to one side of her leg.

She opened her legs further directing my attention to
the sperm drooling out of her lust filled pussy where
there shouldn’t have been sperm. She took my hand and
placed it between her legs on her soppy cunt. She was
juicy and her gash did appear to be more gapping.

„You wanted to know? Well see and suffer. Yes, you are
right. He pumped me so full with his cock that I’m
still sticky all down my legs. „

As she parted the labia with her forefinger and her
middle-finger. A terrible amount of his seed dripped
from her beautiful blessed womanhood.

Gingerly, I too began to touch her pussy. I noticed
that her pussy lips were really distended, hanging out
about an inch below her pussy. I slid two fingers up
her cunt, pushing her hanging, dripping pussy lips
apart. No resistance. Laurel’s pussy was still dilated
from the other man’s cock. He had stretched her pussy
with every deep a****l thrust of his gigantic manhood.
My wife’s pretty pussy, which I had always adored, was
now a big, sloppy, stretched-out mess, her lips hanging
down what seemed like an inch. She had obviously been
fucked by a large man and he had left her still wet,
glistening and gooey with his sticky cum. There was
spunk between her legs. She stupidly hadn’t even made
him use a condom. My penis grew harder still.

Seeing my reaction, she declared with a sly little
smile, „He made me come, I lost count of how many
times. It was like never before. I behaved like a
complete slut, screaming like a bitch, constantly
begging for more of his meat when he filled my fertile
cunt with his health vigorous breeding seed. I loved
his big cock and how good it felt inside me. „

I swallowed hard. Her well-screwed hole appeared to be
burning and bruised but nevertheless I found her
utterly and radiantly desirable. I wanted to taste and
lick her cum filled slit. I knew that her furry patch
plainly showed the evidence of her guilty juicy sperm
filled quim.

I reached her cunt hole, my tongue delicately dabbed at
Mike’s thick cum, which coated the flesh around her
entrance. The taste was heavy, strange, but not
unpleasant as I expected. I shoved my tongue in her as
far inside her cunt as I could. There was so much juice
running out of her pussy and into my mouth I had no way
of knowing how much was from her and how much was semen
left there by Mike, and I didn’t care. What I didn’t
know was that she had swallowed more sperm than a
hooker in Harlem.

I began licking and sucking her vagina. I wanted to
clean her up and began swallowing everything.

„God no! Don’t do that! It’s so dirty!“ She cried as
she time she wrapped her legs around his head and
pasted my face so tightly against her pussy that I
couldn’t breathe without sucking in sperm from her

I buried his tongue deep into the slimy goo, licking
and sucking and eating it from her freshly fucked
pussy. I could smell the male sweat on her thighs,
smell his semen as it ran from her pussy into his
mouth, and suddenly my cock exploded without my even
touching it.

Opening her cunt even more, I discovered where the
majority of his sperm was. Just a few inches inside her
labia, there was a thick mass of sperm clinging to her
pussy walls. Appearing to be as thick as jelly, and
creamy white, it seemed to be acting as a plug to hold
every drop of this guy’s semen inside her. I remembered
thinking that if colour, thickness and strong scent was
any indication of potent sperm, it was already working
on one of my wife’s eggs. As I stared at his thick
sperm, only then did it really hit me that there was a
strong possibility that in nine months I could be
seeing these same pussy lips expand wide… and see my
wife deliver a bastard!

Laurel moaned her encouragement, and I began lapping at
her like an overheated dog. I tongue fucked her hot
hole, while sucking her cream into my mouth. Laurel
flexed her hips against my face, unleashing a fresh
river of her lover’s cum. It settled on my tongue and I
drank it greedily. I was eating the slimy cum from her
slut cunt, listening as she screamed with delight as my
mouth and lips clung to her hungrily, not wanting to
let go of the deliciously nasty elixir he was drinking
from her oozing pussy.

She informed me that I would also have to clean her up
at the back, as Mike had put one load up her arse. It
was with delight that I found that her once tight
little arse had been ravaged. I got Laurel to bend over
the edge of our bed while I examined her in more
detail. It was clear that she had been fucked up the
arse, there was sperm still dribbling from it.

I was soon licking the spunk out of her, running my
tongue around her anus and up the crease of her arse.
She seemed to like this especially so I probed her
anus, inserting my tongue into her arsehole. As I knelt
before my sluttish beautiful wife, my tongue pushing
into her arsehole cleaning out the man’s cum, I feared
for the future.

She straddled my face. I gazed up at her pouty, swollen
cunt lips, the juices of her copulation glistening,
almost dripping from her. How could I have ever
imagined my wife of fifteen years crouching over your
face, with another man’s semen seeping from both her
holes? She lowered her freshly fucked pussy onto my
mouth as I lay on the bed and let the spunk run out of
her arse into my waiting mouth. My tongue darted into
her pussy and my cock swelled until I thought it would
explode as I tasted and smelled another man’s cum in
her pussy.

My cock was so hard it almost hurt. She ground her hips
over my face, riding my tongue, smearing me with the
deposit, emptying the load into my waiting mouth; a
mixture of my wife and her lovers sex juices. She was
aroused now, aroused from cheating on me – the thrill
of taking a big cock into her juicy cunt. I spent a
long time kissing and licking her there to show my
appreciation for what she had done, sucking out his
semen of her bowels into my greedy mouth.

As the last of my wife’s lovers jism slipped past my
lips, Laurel had came in a series of small orgasms, her
cry filled the room as she reached her climax. Though
my face was still wet with her lover’s juice, I felt a
rush of pride in what my tongue had accomplished.

She wiped herself on me and left it there a drying on
my face. The taste lingered for days afterwards.

I wanted to fuck this raunchy female slut again,
penetrate her where the other man had been. I wanted to
slide into her sticky hole that I knew was well
lubricated with cum and add in my sperm. The exertions
and juices of her partner had prepared her, together
with her own lewd and salacious secretions. I could
already image my thick penis oiled with that mixture of
the man’s sperm and my wife’s musky secretions as it
pumped in and out of her spunk filled sleeve. But it
was already too late. She had turned around to sleep.


When we talked about it the next day we both admitted
that it had been such a mutually rewarding experience
that we wanted to repeat it again. Mike however had
gone out of town on business and the opportunity did
not arise again immediately.

While Mike was travelling he had emailed Laurel telling
her how much he had enjoyed sex with her. He wanted to
fuck her again several times but due to mutual
commitments and his holidays they would not be able to
arrange anything for several weeks.

I was very disappointed and I did not want to leave
matters at that and nor did Laurel who was just
discovering how much fun being married could be,
especially with an open-minded cuckold husband.

Laurel seemed withdrawn and she had been rejecting my
attentions as a result of her frustration. I had taken
to surfing the personals on the web and I had been
drawn to the swinger ads. I was amazed to discover that
I loved reading all those stories about men enjoying
allowing their wives to fuck with other men. I knew
immediately that I they were like me. After all was I
not a permissive husband who enjoyed eating my wife’s
cunt while it was still full of the cum deposited there
by the other men who had fucked her?

Suddenly, I had an idea, why not put out an advert on a
swinger site and find a man for my lovely bride to keep
her occupied until Mike reappeared. I tossed and turned
all night until one night when we were fucking, unable
to hold it back any longer, I broached the subject with
my wife Laurel. I told her how these stories turned me
on – that I found the idea of men allowing their wives
to „fuck around“ with total stranger very exciting.

I felt a stirring in my balls at the very thought of
her doing something like that. I suggested to Laurel
that she should go out with another guy as well as
Mike. She needed to find a lover able to screw her
three or four times a week, not just the one-off. She
had been worried at first, the idea of going with a
complete stranger even if it did turn her on terribly.
To help convince her, I showed her a swinger site and
some of the photos. I knew from the way her face
flushed that the wicked concept really appealed to her
darker side. I kissed and caressed her and she grew
tremendously aroused so I whispered in her ear:

„Wouldn’t you love having a long, thick black cock
stuffed in all of your holes? Filling you with every

I was so turned on by now, that I felt like I was ready
to cum right there in my shorts! Her body buzzed under
my hand, she was making some low a****l like groans,
coming from deep inside her. The more we talked about
it the hotter we both grew. I told her I would love to
see her taking a black cock up her tight pussy. She
asked me if I was sure and I replied that I was. Some
how the idea seemed shockingly taboo and sexually
exciting. As my finger reached under her soaked panties
and I found her hardened clit, she came.

She took control of our lovemaking often, telling me I
would need to eat her pussy after. As we had sex she
told me that:

„She wanted to fuck another guy as soon as possible.“

Laurel told me she wanted a different man just to have
sex with another guy with a huge cock that would eat
her pussy and drive his cock deep into her pussy and
send her to orgasm!! What the hell had we created!? She
came loud and long as I took her.

„What if we put an ad up, just for fun of course,“ I
whispered. „I will handle the response and we can read
the best ones and correspond even. You might even find
someone interested that you would want me to invite
back to our house. I would be tremendously exciting.“ I
inserted a finger in her damp pussy as I told her this.

She groaned and replied: „You realise that if I got
really turned on by a reply I will really want to fuck
the guy? Have you thought about that, darling?“

I had never heard my little wife talk like this and my
heart and mind were really racing as I realized that
she was willing to fuck a black man. She kissed me
hungrily. She really seemed to want this. She was
excited and flushed and determined. I imagined my wife
fucking this stranger and my cock grew real hard. I
guessed that if I let her fuck who she wanted when she
wanted she would be happy and so would I.

We talked about it and came up with some criteria for
her mate. We decided that he needed to be young in
order to give her all the fucking she craved. He would
have to be good looking, about 6 feet tall, and in good
shape. Laurel also wanted a larger cock that would
stretch her out while they were fucking and so she
would know that she had something worthwhile in her
pussy. In order to keep the relationship strictly on a
physical basis and lessen the chances for emotional
involvement, we advertised for a black man.

The next day I placed the following ad on a swinger
called www. XSANDY . de under [email protected] com

Couple seeks Well Endowed Male for First Threesome
Young couple, Tony, 40 years old, 5ft6, good looking
but often absent on business seeks hot young stud to
pleasure his young wife Laurel, 28 years old sexy,
petite, brunette, nice figure and boobs. Laurel is shy
but loves black cock. She would love to fuck a well-
hung black male. She is in need of a 10inch or more
cock to fuck her but must be clean and pound her pussy
to completion. She would like him to introduce her to
the pleasure of threesomes and couple swapping with or
without husband present.

Another one of her fantasies is anal sex. She would
also love get a black man’s semen pumped up her big
arse as well. Send in photos of yourself and an
imaginative description of what you would do like to do
with her, any suggestions anda description of the
proposed encounter for a reply and photo. You would be
stupid to pass this up. Clean well hung men only. Can
accommodate. [email protected] com

The initial response from men who wanted to fuck my
pretty wife Laurel was overwhelming and I got a hard off
and came just reading some of the notes and lewd
propositions. Here are some extracts:

Lube: Hi. This is Fabien and I would love to share some
intense action with you. I have a huge cock.

Zen: I would like to have sex with this complete
stranger. Let’s meet somewhere soon.

[email protected] com: Hello. I’m tempted. I am a
young stud who likes all sorts of sexual perversions. I
am very open to your suggestions. I have a large cock,
always ready and would like to share your wife,

[email protected] in2p3. fr

Hi, this is Fabian.

Your ad instantly attracted me. Would Madame be
interested in a dashing young man, 1m90, 80kg, brown
eyes, and women generally find me slim, athletic and
handsome. I have a big black cock entirely which is at
your disposal, Laurel. It’s 19. 5cm long and 5cm wide so
I am sure you will enjoy it. If you like oral, Laurel,
I’m sure that you would appreciate my tongue deep in
between her sleeve. I am looking for unusual situations
and would be willing to consider either a brief
encounter or the opportunity to sexually tutor a young
female during an illicit relationship.

To start with, I would like to suggest that we meet in
a restaurant so that I can caress your wife’s pussy
under the table to get her ready for a cunnilingus
later in a quiet place? Can you ask your wife to wear
sexy underwear and something transparent and sexy for
our rendez-vous. That always gets me hard.

I also would like to have Laurel and only her suck my
cock and to rub it between her breasts, over her face
and sensually over her wet pussy lips while I caress
her intimately with my tongue and fingers. Once she is
wet and ready, I will take your wife and bring her
enormous pleasure. I equally enjoy cunnilingus, vaginal
and anal penetration, but if Laurel is unsure about
sodomy we can stick to straight sex. We have so many
positions to try out…

I would like Laurel to open her legs for me as wide as
possible to offer herself to a deeper and more
satisfying penetration. I will rub her clitoris and
fondle her breasts while I thrust my cock deep inside
her. I would like to try many sexual positions with
her, standing, sitting on a chair, on a rug or leaning
against the wall. I have lots of thoughts but do they
correspond to your desires, Laurel? I am clean and
discreet and I am at your disposal for some hot sex.
Write to me with your offer quickly.

My dick got so hard as I looked at the picture of a
handsome black man who looked to be exceedingly well
hung. Now I was confused as the blood was rushing to
both my heads, at the thought of him fucking my wife.
Was I actually going to let a black guy fuck her? Let
her fuck a guy with a dick was a couple inches bigger
than mine and black? YES! I thought.

That night in bed I showed the letter to Laurel and
asked her to consider what it would be like to have sex
with Fabian. She rubbed her clit furiously as she read
the note and I gently caressed her body and sucked her
hard nipples. My wife was really turned on and admitted
that she would like to do it with Fabian. I positioned
myself between her open legs and teased her pussy with
the head of my cock. She was hotter and wetter than she
had been in some time. She raised her knees and began
to guide me inside her waiting vagina while I squeezed
her breasts.

Just before I pushed inside her waiting cunt, I said,
„This is what Fabian wants to do to you.“

I sank balls deep in one stroke and began to pound her
pussy while I told her to imagine that I was Fabian. My
wife began climaxing almost immediately, which was a
good thing because it only took me about a minute
before I was cumming inside her. I was thinking about
my beautiful wife getting the fucking of a lifetime.
Her beautiful body beneath this man as he pounded into
her. Imagining what her face looked like. Wondering
what she sounded like as he fucked her. Wondering what
her freshly fucked pussy looked like with a nigger’s
cum dripping from her.

After, I asked her if she was going to write back to
him and she said that she couldn’t. I tried to coax and
convince her but she was too shy. I knew she was
interested though: His cock on the pictures he sent
looked so thick and big my wife masturbated about it
for a week. The next morning, I looked at the computer
and wild thoughts raced through my mind. Without
telling her I wrote back in her name. Instead of
attaching an id photo, I suddenly changed my mind,
thinking with my little head instead. My cock grew hard
driven by the thought of this man fucking my wife. I
went to the special directory where I had some special
photos of Laurel and I attached the following ones

Seeing this photo of my wife was bound to get his cock
hard for her, I thought. I hit „send“ and instantly
regretted it. I now realised that when he saw my wife
he would surely try and seduce her and have sex with
her. I guessed I was perversely curious to see what
happened and I wanted to see how far she was prepared
go to get the job. The thought of my wife going off in
the weekend in the evening to meet a stranger alone in
his room when she supposed to be spending the time with
me aroused me.

I wrote:

>>Dear Fabian

My husband showed me your mail and I have to admit that
it received my full attention. While I read it, my hand
was kneaded my breasts and rubbing my clit. My slit
became all wet as I thought about your cock thrusting
deep inside my chaste womanhood. I would like to feel
your black man’s tongue on my pussy, especially if you
are as experienced as you seem and I know you can give
me deep pleasure. I am shy but once aroused I can
become very passionate, especially with a long hard
cock deep inside me. I may even mount you and ride your
hard cock. In those moments I am capable of anything.

Are you the right partner for me, I wonder? Are you
well hung? Send me a shot. Are you able to take me in
every way and make me come? I want to be desired and
feel a vigorous man who wants my body come deep inside
my cunt and then watch is cum leaking out of my cunt.
If you are clean you can come inside me with a condom
if you wish… Tony can clean me up after we are
finished with his tongue. I haven’t tried anal yet,
even if I love to feel my husband’s tongue in my anus.

Maybe I can ask him to prepare me there with his tongue
so you can easily slip your cock in there and we can
try a sandwich with my spouse. He is keen you know, to
see me have sex with another man. He has been thinking
about this for some time. Especially since he knows I
have had sex with another men. I have just started my
first extra marital affair with Mike. I quickly noticed
the way he kept looking at me and it made me all wet
and flushed. I have to admit that I liked the effect I
am having on him.

I am ashamed to admit it, but I came yelling with an
orgasm the very first time we had sex. I understand
that as a married woman I should not really have had
sex outside of my marriage bed, but my husband far from
protesting encourages me. Mike made me come five Times
that night with his huge tool. I had nearly forgotten
what it felt like to be a woman to be taken noisily by
a well hung male.

Since then I want someone original, so tell me what you
have in mind. I am sending you a photo I took with

Kisses, Laurel.

You may be sure that I spent countless hours jerking
off as I looked at my copy of that picture, and
wondered what had gotten into me to expose her to this
stranger and provoke him like this. Little did I know
how much he would get into her.


Hi, I loved your little note. It really got my cock
hard and I want to have sex with you. I am dying to
take you and kneel between your legs, slip my tongue
gently into your pussy and lap up your juicy wet cunt.
But I also want to fuck you hard dressed in all your
normal clothes. I want to have sex with you at night in
every room of your house. I will lift your dress from
behind, drop your panties and fuck you in the arse
while you are still dressed. I also want to suck your
pussy while I play with your breasts. I would also like
to take you standing up, leaning against the wall or on
the kitchen table. I will chase you around the house
and every time I catch you will have to pleasure me. We
will explore each room, leaving clothes behind us and I
will make you come each time a little harder. After
each of my ejaculations, you will bring me back to
hardness so that I can continue to satisfy you.

Maybe when we meet I will grab your long black hair and
force your mouth on to my big black cock. I want to
make you my woman, my slut, and explore each new part
of your body, your pussy, your anus, your breasts, your
thighs, your mouth. I am dying to fuck you and cover
you with my sperm. If you come to me, I will make sure
that you will only be satisfied by huge black men, and
that your tight white cunt will be stretched so much
that you are ruined for your husband’s tiny cock. If
you reply, I will know that you want this, and will
keep coming back. This game of hide and seek will bring
you great pleasure, I am certain. Would you like to
play too?



I am beginning to want to get to know you better. I
could to greet you dressed only in my black camisole
with nothing underneath? Would you like that? During
supper, you could fondle me discretely under the table
and then drop under the table between my legs and lick
my pussy for desert… Then I would suck your cock and
we could retire to the bedroom? Alternatively we could
meet in a swinger club and you could caress me as we
danced. I am sure that we could find a dark corner
where I could welcome your hard cock in my wet pussy.
When I return home, my husband could discover my cunt
full of your sperm. Does this appeal to you?

Kisses, Laurel


If you want we can meet tomorrow evening at 8pm at my
house, alone, so we can get to know each other first?

I showed those to her, and I told her that I wanted her
to go out and have a good time and for her not to feel

Laurel instantly wrote back and accepted Fabian’s offer.
She had Fabian call me and talk to me and see if I
thought Fabian would be compatible with me. We talked
for about 30 minutes. I asked him questions like: ‚How
big is your penis, Have you ever been with a white
woman before, How many Times can you cum in a night.
‚He told me that he had been with five other married
white women and he knew what they needed and how to
treat them. Fabian told me that his cock was 11 inches
long and that he had never been with a woman who was
unable to sheath the entire thing after he had gotten
them heated up.

I told him that my wife had never been with a black man
before but that she loved to fuck and suck cock. She
had never had a cock as big as his shoved up in her
pussy. Also that she was not on birth control so he
would have to use rubbers on her. He replied that he
had had other white wives in the past and he also knew
what Laurel wanted and needed. Condoms would not be
required, that way I could see Laurel covered in his

I asked her if she was going to have sex with him.

„Who said I was going to have sex with him. He just
invited me out to lunch, darling!“ She replied, but by
the wicked little smile on he face I knew better. The
mere thought that she might be fucking her first man
(besides me) was enough to get my cock rock solid. I
made her promise me she that if she was fucking other
men, she would ride them bareback and allow the stud to
cum deep inside her tiny twat. She was to not wash it
out, but to bring it home with her. She blushed and
asked me if I wanted to eat her out after again. I had
an instant hard on thinking about the sticky cum in her
pussy and said sure. I wanted to find his sperm inside
her fucked pussy when she returned home. She agreed, so
I set a date for the following Friday evening.

My ultimate fantasy was about to become reality. In bed
that night, we had great sex. Laurel went wild, sucking
my cock until my nuts were shooting air as I plumbed
her pussy with her dildo. I suspect we were both
thinking of the same thing. Her getting really fucked
well by Fabian. The next day I had trouble focusing on
my business meeting as my thoughts kept going to Laurel
in Fabian’s arms.

That evening we went out shopping again. What a turn on
that was, buying clothing for my wife that she would
wear for another man. Laurel told me on the way home
that, to make it better, we should abstain from sex
that night. She told me that it would be just as hard
for her because she was thinking about what was coming
as much as I was. I doubted that.

Next day Laurel got ready. She showered and made herself
„look pretty“ for her date. As she did, she had me feel
her, to make sure she was smooth enough for Fabian.
Watching her shave her „bikini line,“ the message was
unmistakable: her lover was going to see her, touch
her, kiss her and fuck her there, and she wanted her
body to be ready for him. I watched as she put on heavy
make up and dressed real sexy in a skin-tight skirt.
Her nipples were standing up as hard as pencil eraser

Suddenly, I had a block of dry ice in my stomach. This
was all real. It had really happened. It was going to
happen again tonight. My wife, my sweet innocent wife
was capable of being a total slut with men she barely
knew. Not just capable, she had done it and was looking
forward to doing it again this very evening. The
enormity of what had happened, was happening, struck me
very hard.

It was too late for regrets now. She pressed her lips
to mine hurriedly telling me the next time I kissed
her, she would be full of his cum and rushed off to
meet Fabian, her face flushed with anticipation and

My heart was pounding as well as other parts of my
anatomy. Now began the hard part. I knew my wife was
going to see this man. I knew what was about to happen.
I waited nervously, regretting and cursing everything I
had done and finally went to bed. I waited and waited.
After trying to watch TV, I gave up and went to our
bedroom. I found myself fantasizing about Laurel and her
lover – even though I didn’t know him. I could not help
myself. I masturbated to completion.

That helped a bit but my mind kept teasing me with
images of Laurel being fucked by a big black cock. Our
youngest daughter woke up and getting her back to sleep
almost took my mind off Laurel’s date but no sooner had
I quieted her down then I began thinking about k**s and
wondering if Laurel would get knocked up by Fabian.

I would stroked my cock again, thinking about my
beautiful wife getting the fucking of a lifetime. Her
beautiful body beneath this man as he pounded into her.
Imagining what her face looked like. Wondering what she
sounded like as he fucked her. Wondering what her
freshly fucked pussy looked like with his cum dripping
from her. Wondering when I would hear her story. I came
for the last time that night. She did not come home
until the early hours of the morning.

I was laying in bed watching the clock wondering where
my wife was at two a. m. when I heard her car pull into
the driveway.

Laurel walked into the bedroom. Thinking I was asleep
she did not turn a light on. She had already slipped
off her heels and unbuttoned her blouse. Just as she
peeled her clothes off, I turned on a bedside light. I
asked her if anything happened.

She had the glow of a freshly fucked woman and a very
smug satisfied smile on her face. Our eyes met for a
moment, and she defiantly threw her purse in a chair
and shrugged her shoulders, one big breast almost out
of her dress because the strap was broken, her hair a
mess. Her tits were a little red and her nipples were
still hard. Her lipstick was smudged, she had love
bites on her neck, and strands of white sperm in her
blonde hair.

My wife wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard
again. She asked me if I still loved her and I told her
I did. She kissed me passionately and told me how much
she loved me and how much I must love her to let her
have her night with a young black stud.

Visions of her getting fucked had been running through
my mind. Sitting up, I softly told her not to hide from
me. She blushed as she nervously let her hands go to
her sides. I guess she didn’t want me to see how
swollen her pussy lips were, or the fresh love bites.
But then again she probably was embarrassed to be seen
with his sperm drooling down her legs. Before she could
step in the bathroom I got up and took her in my arms.

My wife wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard
again. As I kissed her, I noticed her lips were puffy
and tasted of sperm. Taking her hand, I guided her to
our bed, even as she protested that she was awfully
sticky and messy from the evening and needed to clean
up. Mindful that her pussy might be sore I dove for her
freshly fucked pussy. I lifted up her skirt, gently
parted her legs and looked closely at her pussy.

I wanted to see more evidence of what she had done. I
asked her to show me. Laurel slid out of her clothes and
let them drop to the floor. My jaw dropped as I stared
at her with disbelief. Her arse was red and blue with
bruises. Her hugely swollen breasts were marked with
handprints on the sides and black hickey-like bruises
along the top, around the nipples, and on the
underside. As she lay back on the bed and opened her
legs for me, I saw that her normally neat pussy was
gaping open, puffy, swollen, and red raw. Her pussy was
overflowing and their juices had run down her leg.

Oh My God. She had fucked this guy without a rubber!
Another man had cum in my wife’s belly. The dark brown
pubic hair that covered her pussy was wet and matted
with dried cum too. I had never licked her dirty used
pussy before. Now I was going to have to lick it when
full of other men’s cum.

„Have you?“ I asked, squeezing my cock to keep from

Laurel said she wanted to give me something she knew I
wanted, a cream pie.

„Why don’t you come over here and eat me and find out,“
she gasped spreading her legs widely apart, exposing
her pussy for me.

Grabbing hold of my hair she gently placed my lips on
the lips of her soaked vagina.

I could feel wet spots of stickiness on her mound hair.
Slowly I pushed my fingers down her slit. She was
soaking wet! It wasn’t the silky wetness of pussy
juice, but rather the sticky gooeyness of sperm. Her
clit and pussy lips were swollen and oh so hot. I moved
my fingertips around her clit. She arched her hips to
meet the burning my fingers were causing in her clit. I
felt her hand reach for and grip my hard cock. I bent
my face to hers and kissed her lips. They tasted of the
guy’s sperm. I moved my fingers into her pussy and felt
the river of cum surround them.

„Are you still horny my little cuckold husband?“ She
asked and kissed me deeply. I pulled her close to me
and told her I loved her.

My wife had just let a strange black man cum inside her
and I wanted nothing more than to lick her dripping
cunt. Using her forefinger, she scooped up some of
Fabian’s cum that had splattered on her crotch and fed
it forcefully into my mouth. Then she pulled my face
close, and I attacked her pussy with my tongue. The
smell and taste sent me into heaven. I tasted the
residue of Laurel’s juices mixed with his cum. Laurel
stopped after I sucked her labia in my mouth and rubbed
them with my tongue. She not only stopped fussing but
started telling me about her date. That was too much
for my cock, I shot a big load on the sheets as I
continued to suck and lick her well-fucked pussy.
Finally Laurel begged me to let her up to pee.

She whispered that he really had a big cock and that
she was very sore as he had fucked the hell out of her.
I could hardly believe it. My cock was so excited that
I almost came again. I loved the thought of my wife’s
fantastic pussy satisfying another cock. She looked up
at me and smiled, then said. „I guess you really are
turned on by this.“ I just smiled in response. She

„I had sex with him. It was so exciting,“ she confessed
and licked her lips, her cheeks flushed. She looked
away as she told me, „He didn’t use a condom. “

I was so turned on that I was didn’t answer, I just
continued to look at her freshly used body stroking my
cock as my wife told me about how she had just fucked.

„I’m sorry, darling. I couldn’t help it. He was a very
muscular black man, handsome and solidly built. His
stomach rippled with a six-pack of abdominal muscle. I
so wanted to really get fucked, to go to bed with him
and do the whole night. Before last night, I would
never have believed any man, even Mike, could have me
naked on my knees, sucking on his cock so easily,
before he fucked me in my pussy and my arse.

„He made me come like a slut. He gave me an incredible
fuck. It was the best fuck I have ever had. First he
used my mouth as a cunt, then he fucked me with his
finger and tongue, then we had sex five Times. He came
inside me and I enjoyed his cock many multiple Times. I
am completely stretched out but aching for his to take
black cock between my legs again.“ She said as she
pecked me on the cheek.

I was hard again, so I pulled her towards me, I mounted
her and pushed my cock into her dripping cunt. Laurel
climaxed as I pounded her furiously. I added my load of
spunk to what Fabian had left in my wife’s vagina.

After, she kissed me turned around and went to sleep.

I was extremely turned on by the whole thing. That my
wife could have this complete other aspect of her
personality was as appealing as it was appalling. The
lady and the slut both resided in this woman and I had
brought them out in her.

I got the story out of her eventually. She had gone up
to his house and she had found herself instantly
attracted to this strutting handsome young black stud.
He was tall, ebony black and athletic and very well
built. He had served her champagne and they had laughed
and talked and then he had made advances. At first she
had giggled and pushed him away until he had reached
over, pulled her face to his and kissed her deeply. She
had put her arms around his big thick neck and like a
slut, the fucking bitch had spread her legs apart so
that his muscular thigh could move up against her cunt.
She began to move her hips up and down against his leg,
rubbing her cunt against him.

Within seconds their tongues danced in each other’s
mouths. She was on fire and she wasn’t even wearing any
underwear. He had fondled her breast and kissed her
neck then she felt his large black hand on her legs
moving toward her vagina as she kissed him more deeply.
His large black hands reached her skirt. Instead of
resisting, she had spread her legs apart, giving him
better access to her. Within moments she felt his hand
slide under her panties, and soon she felt his fingers
enter her pussy.

Fabian inserted a couple of fingers. She moaned as he
finger fucked her and she bucked her hips against his
hand to get his fingers in deeper. She moaned loudly
between the kisses and spread her legs as wide as she
could in the seat, surrendering her cunt to his hands
as her hands frantically rubbed his chest shoulders and
neck through his shirt. It was so erotic. She was lost
in ecstasy and rapidly losing control of herself.
Somehow he managed to get her panties off, giving him
greater access to her. She began to meet his fingering
with her hips.

He smiled at her, flashing his white teeth, unzipped
his trousers and tugged at the side of his thong. His
cock fell out and she gasped. It almost touched the
floor as it hung between his legs! She stared at his
cock and watched in amazement as it started to grow. It
got harder and harder. It lifted up and began to inch
its way up his stomach, stopping just short of his
belly button. It was only after he stopped that she
realized she was soaking wet with desire between her

„I know you want to feel it, baby. Go ahead.“

She felt her hand move through the rough hair
surrounding his cock. She looked up at him, he was
almost a foot taller and she realized he was staring at
the tops of her breasts.

She felt her hand curl around his cock. She looked down
again and saw that he had a good six or seven inches
sticking out above her fingers.

„Stroke it, baby, make it real hard for me.“

She was mesmerized as her hand began moving up and
down, making it grow. She realized that his hand was
playing with her nipple, making it incredi

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